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  • Photobucket Welcome to the new army Ice Bandits!! This army does not strive to protect and serve. But to have fun and a good laugh. Join today and get your rank tommorow! ~Bid Now~
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Ice Bandits is now merging into the CP rock raiders


This is only a short post and we will update with more news later 8)

  • CPRR get all of our soldiers
  • CPRR get all of our servers
  • Ice Bandits finish

~Bid Now~


Invasion Results!!!


We won the invasion!!! Abominable is now ours.

Previous Raids~

Actual War~

No one turnd up for AA?? We won though but I would like to see more of us at battles…

Invasion Of Abominable!

EDIT: 600 views 😉

EDIT: 500 views 😉

Hey guys we are invading the server Abominable off the army of araluen, Heres the details.

When: Sunday

Where: Abominable, Snow Forts

Why: To get a new server


  • 8:00pm – UK time
  • 12:00pm – Pacific
  • 1:00pm – Mountain
  • 2:00pm – Central
  • 3:00pm – Eastern

After this war we have a practice battle with CPRR. (rock raiders). We will be in red or green, I dont know yet but I expect everyone to attend this battle.

Allies assisting:

  • CP rock raiders
  • CPBA
  • Big Mac Army

~Bid Now~

Ice Bandits of cp


We now show up on google!!! Here is what you have to type in

”Bid Now of Ice Bandits”

and we are top. We can now go on recruiting sessions!

~Bid Now~

Goals for March-April 2010

  • Get us in those search engines
  • Get a XAT chat
  • Get 10+ active soldiers
  • Invade more servers
  • Get more allies
  • Recruiting sessions every 3-4 days

Anything crossed out is done.

~Bid Now~

Team Gold vs Watex Warriors

Today, WW invaded Snowdrift from Team Gold. TG succesfully defended snowdrift without a hitch. WW say that they took all rooms heres my pics.


Today, the Ice Warriors are having an invasion of Watex Warriors Servers. They are taking up to 6 servers. This will lead to 30 servers in the USIW. More than any other army goverment.

Im also looking for an invasion of klondike our home server to get picture/video proof that it is ours. Ive also checked out the CP baby army and their servers they have alot more than we do, so im looking into invasions of other servers (not CPBA). Im also willing to split servers 50/50 if allies come with. 🙂

~Bid Now~
Ice Bandits Leader